Ville Lenkkeri – The Petriefied Forest

Ville Lenkkeri – The Petriefied Forest

Over the last five years, Lenkkeri, who grew up in Mänttä and attended school there, has photographed his hometown whenever he has returned there. He has noticed that he has depicted Mänttä both as it is and as he remembers it to have been.

– Mänttä is a manifestation of dynamism and vitality in the field of Finnish art and amongst small Finnish towns. Mänttä is never the same when I return there. My impressions of stagnation are as if they were about some place else. I believe I have misinterpreted my impressions. This town is full of vitality and is yearning for change, but the same tall chimney is still standing by the lake whenever I return,” he says.

Exhibition held in Gösta Art Museum in Mänttä, Finland.

Exhibition specs

• Printed on Hanson Platinum Rag