Riga Photography Biennial – RESTART

Riga Photography Biennial – RESTART
Exhibition specs – Laura Prikule

• Printed on Luster Paper, 265gsm
• Mounted on 5mm foamboard
• White ash-tree float frame

The main idea behind the exhibition RESTART is a pronounced necessity to deepen the understanding of our world, by highlighting its dialectical connection with the past and the future. We can all but fantasize whether the future influences today, whilst attempting to guess what will be the shape of our future memories?

The exhibition also explores the current trends in photography as an artistic practice, since, as a result of a rapid development of modern technologies, we are forced to re-evaluate the significance of images and their conveyed meaning. Today photography is everywhere. Traditional photography as an aesthetic and documentary medium has been supplemented with numerous other notions, requiring us to survey this new content.